Corporate Vision
Respectable leader and integrator in selected industry segments
Firstly, from the perspective of industrial operation, Feishang will become a segment leader in several industries in the next 5-10 years. “Several Industries” mean several main industries chosen by Feishang based on its strategic orientation; “segment” means local or small categories in large industrial boundaries (which can be defined in terms of regional space or sub-industry); “leader” means that its market position (market share) and competitive advantage are in the leading place and also means that Feishang can become a leader in business model, technology, management and other aspects in the field of segments or become an integrator in selected industry segments when the conditions are met.
Secondly, from the perspective of investment operation, Feishang should become an investment role model in several industries in the next 5-10 years. “ Role Model” is reflected in respect of professional standards that have been recognized by professionals and can be measured by a series of indexes; in other words, Feishang has a sound professional reputation in the industry.
Thirdly, from the perspective of growth mode, Feishang will become an enterprise with transnational characteristics in the next 5-10 years: construct industrial chain in the global scope, integrate resources, and participate in international competition; meanwhile, Feishang has been advocating the stable, healthy and sustainable growth, while “top speed” in a specific time is ruled out of consideration. Feishang aims to become a winner in the long-distance race.
Fourthly, from the perspective of cultural orientation, Feishang has aspiration, ambition, clear values and distinctive corporate culture; Feishang treasures the coordination and balance of interests of all participants, social responsibility and public value, and hopes to become a trustworthy, reliable and respectable enterprise.
Leader and integrator in selected industry segments
Classic for professionalism
Global resources integration and industry construction
The champion in the long-distance race
Trustworthy and respectable
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